<a href="https://georgecontracting.ca/httpgeorgecontracting-cawordpresspage_id341/"><b>Welding and Fabrication</b></a><p>We have a wide range of CWB certified welders in house and with our mobile units, we can go anywhere you need us to be.</p> <a href="https://georgecontracting.ca/george-contracting-slide-2/"><b>Heavy Equipment</b></a><p>We offer a full complement of service vehicles and construction machinery that allows us to handle any sized operation with skill and precision.</p> <a href="https://georgecontracting.ca/george-contracting-slide-3-2/"><b>Forestry, Site Services and Transportation</b></a><p>Years of experience and well-established strategic partnerships offer turnkey solutions to our clients’ needs.</p> <a href="https://georgecontracting.ca/george-contracting-slide-4/"><b>Employment and Training</b></a><p>A superlative health and safety track record, award-winning, accredited training programs, and meaningful community engagement has made us a leader in the field.</p>
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Who We Are


George Contracting is a leading, fully integrated service provider supplying Canada’s resource based industries. We are a multi-faceted company with the capital and human resources to take on any size job, safely and cost-efficiently. As a proud, Aboriginal company, we strive to lead by example: we engage community members in all areas our work and actively pursue partnerships and the full participation of communities where we operate and beyond.

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What We Do


We provide contracting services to meet every demand: construction, welding and fabrication, site services, transportation, electrical and civil works, forestry, GIS, and the qualified personnel necessary to get the job done. Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders positions George Contracting as a single source solution, offering clients unrivalled convenience, service and professionalism.

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Our People


Our people set us apart. A lot of companies make similar boasts but nowhere will you find it to be truer. We have a dedicated, core group of experienced professionals, key industry partners and accredited, award-winning training programs that facilitate a constant influx and deep talent pool of qualified personnel. Come see the difference our people make.

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Our Partners


Professional, tenured, client focused and safety-conscious are just a few words to describe our key partners. They are the best in the business at what they do: cargo and personnel transportation, site services, storage, catering, utilities, electrical and civil works, drilling, machining, aggregate supply, forestry management, GIS, mapping and permitting – if we don’t have the service, you probably don’t need it.

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Our Profile


Click on the link to access our digital corporate brochure for a full range of our services and the industries and areas we support.

Employment Opportunities


We are always looking for valued members to join our team. An honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work is a founding philosophy at George Contracting and we invite skilled, hard working men and women to give us a call. If you care about your work, your colleagues and your clients, we’re the right place for you.

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